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Welcome to Saffa Trading’s Online South African Medication and Pharmacy web page.  The goal of this webpage is to make South African pharmaceuticals readily available to South African's living abroad.  We are committed to provide quick and trusted delivery service for various health, wellness and beauty items.
We only stock the very best tried and tested South African medicine currently available on the market,  with all our products sourced from local pharmacies and health-oriented department stores like Dischem and Clicks.   South Africans abroad all agree that it is exceptionally convenient to be able to purchase their essential medication and pharmaceuticals online.

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We also ship world-wide which places us in the unique position to deliver your products where ever our clients might find need these necessities delivered.  Order all your medicine online at Saffa Trading now:  The top website for South-African health and wellness products and medication online worldwide.
With Saffa Trading you can buy medicines for health conditions varying from moderate pain and discomfort, coughs, colds and influenza and chronic diseases like if you are diabetic or suffering from skin conditions or chronic indigestion.

Buying Pharmaceuticals and Medicine is natural when you are suffering from some kind of health condition.  Patients automatically find that they use certain specific medicines when treating their various conditions, this would normally include the following medical problems - sinusitis, common cold and influenza, in need of first aid treatment, indigestion and moderate pain and sometimes severe pains.  It is very common practice in South African family homes to store medical products and medication in a so called "medication-cupboard", so if something happens medically to any member of the family they would have access to relief from various medical conditions when they get it.

Exactly what are common Medicines?

Using common medications and treatments comes up frequently in a person's lifetime.  For instance, if you happen to injure your hand and you need to disinfect it and bandage it up. This will require you to clean the cut with antibacterial soap or lotion and place a bandage over you over the wound to keep it clean.  If you are suffering from a common cold, you might make use of cough medicine, pain remedies and even medical product for fever so you are able to regulate the symptoms. If you have a chronic health problem like diabetes, you could find yourself making use of products like insulin on a day-to-day basis.
As you probably have notice, medicine is something that will certainly turn up on a regular basis, whether you are persistently ill or otherwise.  Having access to various medicines at your residence and having the ability to locate these kind of South African medicine online will make your life much less complicated.  Purchase your South African Prescription medical products online from us.  With the help of Saffa Trading, you could purchase medicine online anytime and anywhere. 

Furthermore, your medical requirements will be delivered to you anywhere you want on this green earth.  Instead of having to go out to purchase medication at your regional drug store when you feel ill, all you have to do now is place a quick order on our site for any kind of health problems you may have.