Tea and Hot Beverages

Welcome to our South African Tea, Coffee and other warm refreshments web page.   Browse through our exceptional collection of top quality South African teas and coffee collected from eco-friendly estates around South Africa.
All of us know there is nothing better than taking a coffee break at the workplace or meeting up with close friends over a pot of spectacular South African tea. For just that reason we stock an assortment of SA hot beverages that includes - Rooibos tea, Cremora tea and Coffee Creamer, Black Forest Tea, Buchu Tea, Nestle Hot Chocolate as well as Ricoffy and Koffiehuis Coffees.

South African Teas are simply the best

According to a recent research study, it was discovered that South African tea consumption has done much better in the world markets compared to other world tea brand names, which according to this research study have actually either stagnated or have decreased in sales. To quote this study "the South African Tea market has increased in sales by 3% which is more than half a ton more than last year".
Rooibos is still considered as the leading tea in the South Africa tea market and when it comes to sales this unique tea is responsible for over 25% of the tea market share. For many years South Africans have cherished Rooibos’ fruity smooth hot drink.
Recently with the health and wellness movement that has swept the world, Rooibos has come to be a firm favourite overseas as a result of its many health benefits and has even been pointed out that it out-performs green tea on matters of health. Rooibos does not consist of any kind of caffeine, colorants or chemicals, making it an excellent hot drink for health-conscious imbiber.  In addition, medical professionals are in agreement and recognize this distinctly flavoured hot drink for its health benefits, including its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.
If you living the UK, Australia or even the United States you will certainly know the difference when it comes to South African coffee as opposed to the coffee you may be drinking now. Take your time and explore this page on our site to find out a lot more concerning our unique South African coffee and tea choices, where our coffee beans originate from and exactly how we roast them to provide them that true South African coffee flavour.