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Best Of Juluka and Savuka

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Best Of Juluka and Savuka - Johnny Clegg

This is certainly a perfect introduction to Johnny Clegg as well as Sipho Mchunu's revolutionary team Juluka and after Mchunu's leaving in 1976, Clegg's subsequent musical outfit, Savuka.

Blending rock as well as classical Zulu elements in a multiracial group under South Africa's apartheid rule was absolutely nothing short of courageous. This collection lacks Juluka's very first important track, "Waza Friday," yet apart from that, makes an excellent introduction compact disk to some early Afro-pop treasures.

Best Of Juluka and Savuka Tracks

  1. Scatterlings of Africa (third world child)
  2. Great heart (third world child)
  3. Asimbonanga (third world child)
  4. Cruel crazy beautiful world (cruel crazy beautiful world)
  5. December african rain (work for all)
  6. Bullets for Bafazane (work for all)
  7. Third world child (third world child)
  8. African sky blue (african litany)
  9. Heart of the dancer (african litany)
  10. The crossing (heat, dust and dreams)
  11. Impi (african litany)
  12. Kilimanjaro (international Tracks)
  13. Universal men (universal men)
  14. Africa (universal men)
  15. Deliwe (deliwe)
  16. Crocodile love (crocodile love)