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Bio Oil

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Bio Oil - 200ml

Bio Oil is an expert skin-care oil that can help lower the physical appearance of scarring, stretch-marks as well as irregular skin tone. It is also useful for aging and also dried out skin. Bio Oil has received 135 skincare awards and is now the No .1 selling scar as well as stretch-mark product in sixteen countries ever since its international release in 2002.

The Bio Oil formula is a mixture of plant components in addition to nutritional vitamins suspended in an oil base. It consists of the breakthrough substance PurCellin Oil™, which modifies the formulation’s all round consistency, which makes it light as well as non-greasy. This guarantees that the amazing benefits found in the nutritional vitamins together with plant extracts is quickly assimilated the moment it makes contact with your skin.

Bio Oil has undergone strict safety evaluations in keeping with the Control of the European Union Parliament as well as of the Council on Cosmetic Merchandise. The toxicological profile, compound composition, level of inclusion together with overall amount of everyday exposure of every component utilized has been evaluated and regarded safe for usage (including for use by expecting mothers).

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