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Bio-Sil Skin Soother Gel

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Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver Healing Gel (200ml)

Colloidal Silver restorative solution/crème, white in colour, incorporates beeswax in its unique composition. Perfectly suited for application under makeup in instances of acne breakouts, eczema as well as other skin conditions.

Superb results achieved whenever used for:

Acne pimples, athlete’s foot, boils, burns, broken heels, eczema, scratchy insect bites, skin cancer, sunburn and also warts (administer regularly).
Incredibly comforting and restorative healing for skin conditions like shingles and chickenpox.

This safe formula can be as frequently as needed. Is also helpful prevent after-waxing and even after-shaving rash. Best utilized in combination with BIO-SIL liquid (taken internally). Apply to a test spot initially in case there are any hyper-allergic side effects.

For acne breakouts - consume to 30 ml, use the fluid as a pores and skin toner, use GEL 2-3 times per day and also cleanse with BIO-SIL Acne Cleansing Bar.