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Bisto Instant Gravy

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Bisto Instant Gravy - 225grams

Go ahead and smell the delectable aroma of Bistro Instant Gravy! For delicious gravy made the way mom used to, give Bistro Instant gravy sauce a try. Bistro has been around for over 40 years- thickening and browning and seasoning your curries, stews, pies and casseroles in generations of South African kitchens.

Merely add some boiling water and Bistro Instant Gravy and it is ready to spoon over your roasted meat or potatoes. Or simply stir a spoonful into your soup, casserole or stew for a delicious savoury seasoning that brings just the right balance to every meal.

It's dead easy to make, so go and give it a try.

This product comes in 3 delicious flavours - Roast Chicken Gravy, Brown onion Gravy or Roast Beef Gravy.

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