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Buchu Tea Bags

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Buchu Tea Bags - Cape Moondance

The Buchu found in Cape Moondance Buchu Tea Bags are procured from an HACCP-certified corporation and just the best-quality Agathosma Betulina varieties are employed in the tea bags.

What exactly are the conventional uses of Buchu Tea Bags - Cape Moondance:
  • Overall health tonic
  • Gentle diuretic
  • Stimulation of kidney functionality
  • Cystitis, prostatitis as well as urethritis
  • Rheumatism, gout pain, colds as well as flu
  • High blood-pressure
  • Fat reduction and help with hangovers

Using Buchu Tea Bags - Cape Moondance

In classic technique buchu is taken orally by means of an aqueous infusion. Infuse 1 teabag in 200ml boiling water for 7 minutes.
Simply enjoy neat or perhaps with honey or even brown sugar. It may also be savoured in hot or cold water, with a wedge of lemon or even fruit juice.
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