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Cape Deli Original Biltong

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Cape Deli Original Biltong - 500 grams

Cape Deli Original Biltong (500g).  Cape Deli Biltong has been supplying the Western Cape with authentic and high-quality delicious biltong since 2003.  What started out as a small home business quickly expanded, and today the trio of directors behind Cape Deli are the veritable Barons of Biltong.  South Africans are passionate about their biltong, and today Cape Deli Biltong products can be found in supermarkets all over South Africa.

Cape Deli’s Original Biltong is 500 grams of biltong-perfection.  Sliced for your convenience, never too thick or too thin, each piece is deliciously soft and tender and perfectly spiced.  Cape Deli’s technologically advanced cold drying process delivers a soft, non-crusty biltong texture, and with the perfect fat-to-meat ratio, we are confident that you will love this flavoursome meaty treat.

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