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Castle Lager Beer 340 ML

R 100.00
R 110.00

Since its modest beginnings in 1895 when Charles Glass initially began brewing it at the Castle Brewery in Johannesburg, Castel Lager had become a world-wide success. Recently crowned the ‘World’s Best Bottled Lager”, Castle boasts a unique balance - “somewhat dry, somewhat bitter, never sweet”.

From the beginning to the end, everything comes together naturally. No artificial flavoring, additives or chemicals has ever been used in the making a castle larger beer but only all-natural ingredients are made use of: The people of SAB only use the finest quality malted barley, hops, maize and natural water.

The procedure has actually not altered in over a 100 years, and creating one bottle of this fabulous beer still takes no less than 7 weeks. After 12 days of brewing and fermenting and 6 days of maturation, the brew goes through a series of strenuous quality approvals. It is only when it is certain certain that every active ingredient has mixed flawlessly, that each bottle is permitted to leave the brewery as a Castle Lager.

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