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Cataflam D

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Cataflam D - Box of 14 Tablets

Cataflam also known diclofenac potassium is an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medicine. This medication functions by reducing lowering elements the patient’s body that induces discomfort and swelling (inflammation).

Cataflam is used to address moderate to mild pain and to deal with indicators and signs of rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammations) and osteo-arthritis. Cataflam is also used to treat cramping discomfort in the lower abdominal muscles related to menstruation.

Take Cataflam specifically as recommended by your physician. Do not take Cataflam in big quantities or for longer than are suggested.

Always follow your doctor's guidelines regarding the amount of medication to take.

If you make use of Cataflam long-term, you could require regular clinical tests at your medical professional place of business.

Keep pills at Room Temperature to avoid dampness or overheating.

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