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Chips and Sweet Snacks

Find your favorite sweet snack or Chips from South Africa. Best online shopping for authentic South African snacks and chips.

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Cadbury Crunchie

$10.21 $11.91

Canderel chocolate

$5.10 $6.80

Jungle Slim Slab

Slimlab (Now called Slimbar - Made by Jungle) Please note Slimlab has been discontinued and now being made by Jungle (Tiger Consumer Brands and with new packaging. )
$3.40 $4.54

Messaris Bubbles

$3.12 $3.40

Nestle Aero Chunky

$2.55 $3.12

Nestle Bar One

$2.27 $1.42

Nestle Tex

$1.98 $1.59