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Citro Soda

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Citro Soda - 60 grams

A brand new addition to the selection is the Citro-Soda Urinary Alkaliniser with Cranberry extract. It assists to alleviate the symptoms associated with urinary tract infections, burning urine and heartburn.

Citro-Soda comes in various flavours and sizes. So try out Citro-Soda Orange if you like a fruity taste.

Can be used adults as well as children.

Citro-Soda Benefits
Single remedy for an assortment of acid reflux related troubles consisting of pyrosis (heartburn) and the results of UTI, while combating the impacts and causes of gout pain and renal rocks.

Suitable for everyday usage to maintain balanced PH levels and to stop incidences of UTI, indigestion and heartburn.

Long performance history of success and a trusted treatment used by South Africans for many years.
Available in a variety of flavors and sizes for your convenience.

Directions and Dosage
Adults - Take 5 ml (4g) with a glass of ice cold water, 3 to 5 times a day. Can be taken on an empty stomach. Dissolve Citro-Soda in a glass of water.

Long term treatment: One 5 ml (4 g) medication action daily.

Youngsters (6 to 12 years of age): One 5 ml medicine action (4 g) with a glass of cold water 2/3 times daily, taken on an empty stomach and then drink some more water.

Particular Disorders:
Findings regarding the impact of citrates on pregnancy have not been done as yet. We advise caution if a women is nursing, so ask your doctor before using it!

Readily available in: 60 g and 120 g containers.

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