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Creche Guard IMMUNE - Multivitamin

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Creche Guard IMMUNE - Multivitamin

Crèche Guard IMMUNE is developed with a mix of vitamins and minerals, natural herbs, tinctures that could help your youngster’s body in keeping a healthy and balanced immune system – the perfect barrier for all those bugs and sicknesses little ones pick up so easily from their playmates.

The Creche Guard IMMUNE has been specially developed to boost a child's immune system, aid with fighting infections, promoting recuperation, help with building healthy bones and strong teeth and to protect against excessive bruising. In addition, Creche Guard IMMUNE supplies a mix of vitamins crucial for developing minds and growing bodies.

Crèche Guard multivitamin syrup contains Olive Leaf, Grape Seed, Astragalus and Goldenseal, tinctures which aid the child’s body to shield against microbial and viral infections; specifically the respiratory system, digestive system and the urinary systems.

Crèche Guard IMMUNE is a trusted dietary supplement that can assist a child body to:

  • Fight both viral and microbial infections.
  • Improve your child's immunity.
  • Protect against bruising and speed up recovery
  • Develop healthy teeth and sturdy solid bones.
  • Reducing exhaustion

If your youngster is showing signs of the following red flags, it could be time for Crèche Guard:

  • Any sort of prescription antibiotics this year
  • Any kind of influenza and colds
  • Allergic symptoms
  • Belly bugs
  • Decreased desire for food
  • Constant fatigue