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EMPACOD has antipyretic and analgesic properties. EMPACOD is suggested for the alleviation of moderate to medium fever and pain.

Active Ingredients - PARACETAMOL

Symptoms of overdosage may include nausea or vomiting, intestinal hemorrhage, hypoglycemia, cerebral edema. Liver damage which might be deadly may only appear after a few days after use. Renal system shutdown has been reported after over indulgence.

Active Ingredients - CODEINE

Codeine has a stimulation effect, children younger than 12 may experience convulsions and vomiting, sleepiness, respiratory system shutdown and cyanosis and even coma, Naloxone might be made use of to neutralize respiratory system shutdown.

In the case of over-dosage, get in touch with your physician or take the person to the closest healthcare facility immediately. Specialized therapy is necessary as quickly as possible. The most up-to-date details relating to the therapy of over-dosage could be acquired from the nearest poison center.

EMPACOD is readily available in packs of 20 tabs.


Grownups and teens over the age of 12 years - Take one tablet four times daily in between dishes. Remember to drink ample fluid. The tab needs to be dissolved in a little bit of water.

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