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Iwisa Super Maize Meal

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Iwisa Super Maize Meal - 2.6kg

Iwisa Super Maize Meal has actually been part of South African culture for many years, 160 years to be exact. For lunch time, morning meal and dinner, family parties, or braais, Iwisa Maize Super Maize Meal makes every celebration a genuinely South African occasion.

No meal is complete without Iwisa Super Maize, which is strengthened with a variety of government authorized minerals and vitamins. It is also a great source of Pantothenic acid, Selenium, Vitamin B12, that ensures that SA favourite Maize meal is healthier than ever before.

Iwisa is a delectable and nutritious must for any South African meal. Just awesome with a Boerewors, tomato and onion mix or blended with some vegetables – mielies and bacon is a particular favourite.

It is a fluffy and light maize, which is the reason why we see it as the number 1 maize dish on the planet. This maize is made from flour ground dried out corn with added selenium and vitamins to keep your body healthy and balanced.

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