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KOO Canned Fruit

Manufacturer: Koo
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KOO Canned Fruit - 410 grams (in Syrup)

KOO canned fruit is the perfect fruity choice – whether you are looking for ingredients for your favourite dessert or just crave a deliciously sweet snack, KOO canned fruit is the perfect choice.  KOO has been trusted by generations of South Africans for the past 65 years to deliver delicious and convenient products and affordable prices.  The Fruit Cocktail is perfect as a base for a decadent jelly desert - Simply pour into a bowl, top up with your prepared jelly of choice, refrigerate and enjoy! Serve with custard for a sure-fire success to the end of any meal.

Available in Peach Slices, Sliced Pie Apples, Fruit Salad, Guava Halves, Pear Halves, Fruit Cocktail, Apricot Halves.

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