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KWV 10 Year Old Brandy


KWV 10 Year Old Brandy – KWV are the South African Brandy Masters.  Only the finest brandy grape varietals are harvested at the perfect time in the tranquil valleys of the Worcester area in the Western Cape. The grapes are fermented in the traditional potstill process whereby the fermented fluid is strained through 2 copper pots, double distilled and then matured in genuine French oak barrels.  Finally this product is then expertly blended with purified water to produce KWV’s signature premium brandies.

KWV 10 Year Old Brandy is characterized by its deep ocher colour and complex dried fruit and             port flavours.  This highly favoured South African brandy lends itself to being appreciated neat over ice due to its classic taste and smooth drinking ability.  Open a bottle of with your friends and catch-up on good times over a perfect glass of smooth and silky vintage KWV 10 Year Old Brandy.

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