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Kellogs All Bran Flakes

Manufacturer: Kellogs
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R 165.00
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Kellogs All Bran Flakes - 1 Kg

Kellogg's All-Bran Flakes is delicious a way to incorporate essential Fibre in to your day-to-day breakfast routine. Not all whole wheat fibres are created equally and if you are looking for a breakfast cereal or snack to aid digestion, your best choice is natural wheat bran cereal fibre. All-Bran Flakes taste great and go to work by proactively keeping your digestive system healthy and in good shape.

Just one serving of All-Bran cereal supplies as much as a quarter of your everyday fibre needs, helping you to ease symptoms related to intestinal and digestive pain and discomfort such as feeling like you a bit bloated or tired and sluggish.

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