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Klipdrift Premium Brandy


Klipdrift Premium Brandy is probably the sentimental favourite when it comes to South African premium brandies.  When a brandy has embedded itself in the hearts of people to such a degree that it earns its own nickname – you know it’s a national favourite. “Klippies” as it is generally referred to, Klipdrift Brandy is produced in the time-honoured potsill method from brandy grape varietals at their Robertson Distillery.  The result is a perfectly smooth and full-bodies South African brandy that is ideally enjoyed on its own with ice or soda, but also lends itself to mixing with tisers and even lemonade and ubiquitous cola – hence “Klippies‘n coke” is yet another vernacular phrase that attests to the popularity of Klipdrift Premium Brandy.

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