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Knorr Aromat

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Knorr Aromat - 75g

Aromat was presented in 1953 as a "flavouring seasoning mix" by the Knorr Company. Since then Aromat has become the one seasoning that can make anything taste great, from eggs to mielies to boiled beans.

Knorr Aromat Seasoning is a carefully well-balanced mixture of spices and herbs, specially chosen to complement your cooking, heighten flavour and make food taste great. It's exceptionally versatile – can be added much like pepper and salt, either whilst cooking or at the table as a seasoning condiment.

For flavouring with a difference, try combining it with chopped-up rosemary, sea salt, thyme leaves, and a little bit of olive oil.

As the preferred seasoning in SA, it is generally considered to be an essential part of fair food and South African home cooking. As a fair food, it is amongst the most preferred tastes of potato spirals, generally showcased alongside various other flavours such as pizza and peri-peri.

Aromat - Shake up the taste!

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