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Lennon Borsdruppels

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Lennon Borsdruppels - 20mls

Lennon Borsdruppels are an all-natural remedy that deals with croup, cough and respiratory issues.

Borsdruppels has expectorant and demulcent properties. Its demulcent activities safeguards the surface areas of the vocal cords from irritability therefore lowers the regularity of coughing.

Its expectorant activity generates a rise in the secretions of the respiratory tract therefore lowers the viscosity of the mucous, thus generating an effective cough which is much less painful to the user.

Borsdruppels supplies a symptomatic relief from coughing, bronchitis and croup.

Borsdruppels Product Composition

Each 5 mL consists of:

  • Fennel Oil 0,003 mL.
  • Ethanol (100 %) 13,50 v/v.
  • Liquorice extract 1,125 g.
  • Aniseed Oil 0,009 mL.

Borsdruppels in huge dosages might induce salt retention and potassium reduction that would bring about water retention, hypertension,and electrolyte imbalance.

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