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Medicines and Toiletries

Welcome to Saffa Trading’s Online South African Medication and Pharmacy web page.  The goal of this webpage is to make South African pharmaceuticals readily available to South African's living abroad.  We are committed to provide quick and trusted delivery service for various health, wellness and beauty items.

We only stock the very best tried and tested South African medicine currently available on the market,  with all our products sourced from local pharmacies and health-oriented department stores like Dischem and Clicks.   South Africans abroad all agree that it is exceptionally convenient to be able to purchase their essential medication and pharmaceuticals online.

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$8.50 $9.64

Venteze Inhaler

$9.64 $10.77

Vicks Vapour Rub

$5.78 $6.80

Viral Choice 60 C

$17.01 $20.24

Vital Buchu

$14.18 $6.17

Vita-Thion Tonic

$13.04 $15.31

Vomidon 10

$3.91 $4.30

Zam Buk

$3.69 $4.54


$11.06 $14.29