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Nestle Aero Chunky

Manufacturer: Nestle
R 15.00
R 20.00
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Nestle Aero Chunky brings your favourite aero chocolate slab in the form of a snack-ready chocolate bar. Truly sublime, the bubbles make all the difference, allowing each bite of chocolate to multiply into a burst of flavour as the bubbles dissolve in your mouth. Every light and airy bite is sheer chocolate indulgence, Nestle Aero chunky is simply the perfect for that special me-time when you need a little pick-me-up and float away on a cloud of bubbles. Why not take your chocolate indulgence one step further and use Nestle Aero to make whip up a superb aero mousse, or sneak a chunk into the middle of a cupcake before baking – delicious.

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