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Sandwich Spread Crosse and Blackwell


Sandwich Spread – Crosse and Blackwell.  A tangy mayonnaise based spread, perfect for perking up boring sandwiches.  Bursting with piquant peppers, onion and carrot bits, Crosse & Blackwell Sandwich Spread has been providing South Africans with a delicious and zesty addition to their lunch and school sandwich options for more than 20 years.  While it is perfect slathered onto bread on its own, why not combine it with fresh tomatoes, cheese and deli meats for an added taste sensation to your normal sandwich.  Crosse and Blackwell Sandwich Spread can even be used as a salad dressing alternative for your favourite braai salads – why not mix some boiled new potatoes with a decent helping, or dress radishes and chopped raw broccoli for a quick and tasty salad option.

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