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Savanna Dry 340ml

R 115.00
R 120.00

Savanna – This dry premium cider is made locally from South African apples from the Elgin area in the Western Cape. Its great taste on its own is enough to guarantee it will always be a firm favourite – crisp and dry with just the right hint of apple. But combined with the “rituals” adopted locally as to how it should ideally be consumed, as well as an extremely funny advertising campaign – this South African cider has firmly cemented itself as a local favourite.

Other than in overseas countries, Savanna cider is locally enjoyed straight from the bottle with a lemon wedge in the bottle neck. Some even enjoy adding a pinch of salt for a completely different taste variation. And local comedian Barry Hilton’s hilarious television ads have made the “It’s dry – but you can drink it” slogan a part of South African jargon and heritage.

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