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Senokot Tablets

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Senokot is a consistently reliable laxative made with naturally obtained senna, employed specifically to give a consistent amount of active substance in each dosage.

Senokot tablets give mild, over-night relief for periodic irregularity related to travel, anxiety, or dietary modification. Senokot tablets can be taken when you going to bed and typically help to soothe symptoms in about 6 to 12 hrs.

Senokot tablets can be the ideal option if you experience occasional irregularity as a result of diet changes, tension or going on a long trip.

Taking your dosage of Senokot Laxatives at bed time can give a bit of relief of constipation irregularities.
You would be able to find the dosage instruction on the back of the packet. Whenever you are uncertain concerning just what to you need to do, please kindly call your pharmacist or medical professional for suggestions.