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Simba Nik Naks Real Cheese

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Simba Niknaks - Made from maize and genuine cheese. Niknaks were first released in 1972, and have been established as one of the original and favourite savoury snacks in the country.

With its distinct and funky yellow and pink logo, it has continued to be an instantaneously recognizable on South African grocery store racks ever since.

This cheesy, crispy treat is the perfect snack for your fun times – parties and get-togethers just aren’t the same without it! Nik the Nak, the funky ambassador of good times, is always smiling and having a ball and promises to bring the fun to anyone who shares a bag of delicious Niknaks.

Make certain you keep it real and get a pack of Niknaks! Like you, it's a true original.

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