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Snowflake Digestive Bran


Snowflake Digestive Bran is manufactured by eliminating the tough external layer of the wheat kernel. It really is an unrefined by-product of flour which is rich in cellulose as well as an essential fibre product. Snowflake Digestive Bran is also full of minerals and vitamins. It may be placed into bread, scones or muesli as well as sprinkled over porridge or cereals.

Snowflake is a genuine South African icon and has played an integral role in the country’s food culture dating back to 1882. Snowflake is skilfully milled in five Wheat Mills nationally and reaches the everyday lives of most South Africans each day as customer brand. Snowflake continues to be a reliable product in homes for more than 130 years, because of its distinctive advertising proposal “too fresh to flop” which assures dependable quality of baking, providing extraordinary culinary results! Modern techniques of refining wheat render Snowflake Wheat Flour whiter as well as finer, making sure that one of South Africa’s first-class flour brand names will constantly be found in kitchens across the country and abroad for decades to come.