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Solal Weight Loss Facilitator

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Solal Weight Loss Facilitator Assists with weight reduction by reducing your hunger, slightly decreasing fat absorption and basal metabolic price (BMR) and improving your energy levels.

EGCG and Epicatechin (green herbal tea) boost thermogenesis, reduce hunger and slightly lessen the absorption of cholesterol and fat.

Citrus aurantium boosts the body's BMR, induces lipolysis and thermogenesis, and the release of nor-epinephrine, adrenaline and also dopamine.

Forskolin boosts your energy output production in the body and helps with the treatment of hypothyroidism triggered by inadequate production and secretion of thyroid gland hormones which manage your bodies BMR.

Chromium polynicotinate is an extremely bio-available type of chromium that boosts the uptake of glucose into the body's cells to make sure that it can be metabolized to generate energy.

Each pill contains of the following ingredients:

  • EGCG (drawn out of green herbal tea) - 45 milligrams.
  • Epicatechin (green tea) - 90 milligrams.
  • Citrus aurantium extract - 139 milligrams.
  • Forskolin - 3.33 milligrams.
  • Chromium (from chromium polynicotinate) 25µg.
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