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Ultima 1 - The number 1 weight loss and energy Shake

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Ultima 1 is the world’s very first, calorie-regulated, dietary formula and the only dietary formula in history ever before granted a full patent. Created at the University of Cambridge by an extremely decorated group of medical professionals and nutritional experts, it was created especially to raise the health and wellness, well-being and performance of overweight and malnourished people.

The patent covered its one-of-a-kind healthy protein to carbohydrate ratio, along with its general dietary profile and content. Every person understands you require 3 well balanced meals daily, yet, the unfortunate truth is this isn’t always feasible. Whether you are a functioning professional, a student, or a working mom, our hectic way of living does not allow for the correct dietary meals every single day of the week.

Even more interesting and well documented is the nutritional content of most meals has diminished substantially over the past 2 Decades, while calorie and fat intake has increased substantially.

Ultima 1 is a fat loss and energy system, it contains a wonderful source of healthy protein, delicious taste and very affordable, making the Ultima 1 the fastest, healthiest way to drop weight.

How you do you take Ultima 1

For support in weight management: Have 4 servings daily of Ultima 1. This could aid in providing you all the nourishment your physical body requires in just 450 calories.

When are you supposed to take Ultima 1

When your body is in sleep mode, it is recovering from your day’s events. So we believe you should take Ultima just before you go to sleep.

Take it again in the morning because that the best way you can ensure that your body is getting what it needs for that day and this way you will avoid cravings which might lead you to stray from your chosen diet plan

You need to take before or after exercising. It will help in increase your workout and provide the proper nutrients when your body needs it most.

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