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Ultima Weight Loss -Fat Away

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Ultima's Fat Away aids in targeting weight loss with its 3 way method formula.

  1. Chitosan: Safely binds itself to all the fat and fatty oils you eat, helping yourself to remove the fat rather ingesting the fatty deposits.
  2. Vitamin B, Capsicum and Guarana: Help with optimizing your energy levels to help you in burning your existing fatty deposits and calories.
  3. Citrimax: Assists in decreasing your hunger pains and cravings.

This product promotes exercising by heightening your energy levels.
Boosts your body’s physical fat-burning capabilities.
Chitosan delicately help in decreasing food cravings.

Why do you require Ultima's Fat Away?

Recent South African statistics have revealed that over 40% of our populace is overweight with virtually 20% falling under the obese category. Being obese places you in serious risk of various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, colon cancer and even infertility.

Specific Product Details: Container contains 180 pills
Recommended Portion: Between 3 to 6 pills everyday
Servings can last between 3 - 6 weeks.
Active ingredients: Guarana Chitosan Citrimax Choline Capsicum 8 added synergistic ally useful vitamins and amino acids.
For optimal results, please use in conjunction with Ultima Nutritional Shake and Ultima Adaptogens!

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