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Viral Choice 60 C

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Viral Choice Immune System Supplement is a very special South African patented Nutritional supplement, especially developed to aid and improve your immune system. Viral Choice contains Vitamin C, Echinacea, Antioxidants, Sterols and Sterolins and Garlic extract.

It also helps to lessen the risk of cold and influenza infection. It also aids to decrease the severity of colds and influenza. South Africa's leading multi nutritional Immunity Booster.

Echinacea Extract
A commonly used natural herb which improves the physical body's natural resistance to infections, particularly flu and viruses.

Garlic Extract
Has actually been revealed for many years to raise the body's resistance to flu and colds. Garlic extract has antimicrobial properties against germs and infections.

A Zinc deficiency can lead to a problematic immune system.
Plant Sterolins and Sterols
Restore and restore the Immune system of the body

This amino acid is necessary for the build-up of antibodies-- white blood cells which assist safeguard us against infections.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is utilized to avoid and address influenza and colds. A viral infection diminishes vitamin C levels in the human body.

Antioxidant Defence
Viral-Choice C includes antioxidant minerals and vitamins combines to aid and preserve a healthy and balanced immune system, as well as helping your body to recuperate a lot faster after a viral infection.


  • Viral-Choice supplies dietary support to the immune system in order to
  • Decrease the risks of colds and other infections
  • Decreasing the period and intensity of a cold or influenza.