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Vita-Thion Tonic

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Vita-thion is a day-to-day, sustained power supplement and it's readily available in a variety of packaging to suit your way of living. Vita-thion tonic is readily available in sachets; multivitamins and effervescent tablets so you can place the effervescent tablets in a glass of water or just swallow a pill.

Despite which way you choose to take Vita-thion, your physical body will constantly acquire that all-natural boost of power to keep you going all day long!

Vita-thion tonic is an energy supplement and is used by people whose energy stores have been diminished. It is readily available in sachets of 30 or 60 in a box and it contains absolutely no alcohol, caffeine or any preservatives. This low calorie power tonic is perfect for dieters.

Product Make Up

  • Calcium inositol hexaphosphate: 100 milligrams
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C: 500 milligrams)
  • Glutathion - 0,5 milligrams
  • Vitamin - B12 milligrams
  • Sucrose - 2,82 grams.
  • Salt adenosine triphosphate - 0,5 milligrams
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