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Zam Buk

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The unrivalled Genuine Makoya Zam-Buk, the salve that has been tried and trusted for the last 100 years. A unique and highly fragrant salve containing the healing and antiseptic properties of Eucalyptus, Thyme, Sassafras and Camphor.

Initially produced to soothe and reduce inflammation associated with small cuts and bruises, the uses of Zam-Buk these days are numerous. After a few years it was noticed that the pungent salve also works wonders for sprained and strained muscles. Many believe it has the ability to effectively lighten wrinkles (just don’t apply too thickly on the facial area). It also has a dedicated following that swear by using Zam Buk in order to speed up their skin’s recovery from tattooing. And who can deny the relief provided to blocked and irritated nasal sinuses when suffering from flu or allergies – simply warm a small amount by rubbing your hands together, cover your mouth and nose and breathe deeply for instant relief.

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