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Zinplex is an effective mineral supplement which aids in combating a broad range of health conditions. This innovative tonic has the potential to assist with the incidence of pimples, acne breakouts, chronic eczema, colds and flu, cold cores and also increase your immune system, promote hair and nail growth in people.

Zinc is essential for the normal activity of +- 300 enzymes, and is vital for the division of cells and the junction of DNA and protein uptake.

Your immune system requires sufficient amounts of Zinc to function properly. Zinc is so crucial to your Immune system that even a light deficiency could bring about a risk of infection like a cold, coughing, aching throat and influenza. The mix of the Zinc Picolinate and Selenium Amino Acid Chelate in Zinplex will certainly help at improving your immune system and have an effect at stabilizing your hormones.

All of the above disorders can have a direct adverse effect on your immune and your hormones.

Due to the fact that the Zinplex increases your immune system and assists with the normalization of your hormonal system which can lead to the following results:

Much better resistance to the common cold and influenza

Significant decrease the amount of pimples and zits in teens and young adults.

Patients who suffer from diarrhoea could find that Zinplex could help with the body's ability to absorb the doctor prescribed treatments more efficiently, thus accelerating the healing process.

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