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Authentic South African Cuisine

Authentic South African Cuisine

When you are visiting South Africa, you will be able to locate and find any kind of cuisine you would ever want. For those individuals that are a little bit bolder and daring, South Africa provides a couple of cuisine challenges ranging from delicious deep-fried caterpillars and crocodile sirloins to even the grotesque but scrumptious sheep's head also known as the smiley. Most visitors to South Africa have agreed that all 3 of these African cuisines are absolutely delicious.

For those who are not so brave, you can try out many other South African delights. For instance, a few native street food delicacies such as the boerewors-roll (a sausage, barbequed and grilled on a braai), biltong (similar to beef jerky but just thicker) and delicious bobotie (a much better variation of the famous UK Shepherd's pie).

For those who don't like eating something that they have not tried before, there are many eating hot-spots that have a diverse and global food selection to choose from. A food lover will be able to locate anything from burgers to sushi to juicy stakes to Italian pasta.

In Johannesburg, the capital of Gauteng for instance, you will be able to find a street where one can locate an array of Italian restaurants and a wide selection of Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and French dining establishments. Near that very same road one will be able to find various African restaurants for those who would like to sample some Congolese, Moroccan or Nigerian food.
 In the other big cities of South Africa, such as Durban and Cape Town, the dining out scenario is not much different. There are several options for food for you to check out. There are many bistro and restaurant guides that have actually done an excellent job in mapping them for their readers. If you are unable to find what you are looking for you can always go online and search for a restaurant and the kind of food you are looking for and you should always be able to find something in your area.

Travelling to South Africa

For those travellers from abroad that would like to try genuine South African food they would have to search a bit harder as there are only a few restaurants that specialize in South African food. Even though South African cuisine is wide spread and can be found in almost every restaurant in South Africa, there is not many dining establishments that specializes in just South African cuisine. The famous Gramadoelas in Johannesburg or Wandie's in Soweto is an obvious choice if you looking for traditional South African cooking.

One should be able to find some little pieces of the South African food in various other establishments. They will offer biltong, boerewors to name a few. These can be located in a lot of cafe's and bistros.

At some classy dining establishments, you will sometimes find combination dishes. This will be a mixture of food from the Gauteng in the north and Western Cape in the south. For example, the cook could possibly offer delicious ostrich meat, Tandoori crocodile or oxtail pastas.

There will certainly be a bunch of diverse food types on the menu such as kudu, impala as well as warthog. Eco men and women will not have to worry; they will not find seagull or penguin on the menu.